Ultra Secure Multimode A/B Switch
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Ultra Secure Multimode A/B Switch

For ultra-secure, critical-circuit switching, use these micro-mirror optical devices.

  • No optical-to-electrical conversion between fibre connections, internal mirrors optically move data between ports.
  • Simple to use. To route signals, just turn a knob on the front panel.
  • Reliable switching in mission-critical environments, the micro-mirrors are bonded to precise positioning servos.
  • Connect a single workstation to two networks or remote devices.
  • Available as Latching and Non-Latching models.
  • Operate transparently to signal rates, formats, and wavelengths, and don’t require an upgrade when your data protocols change or speeds increase.
  • Ideal for government, healthcare, financial, or other applications where a private, data-sensitive network connects to a publicly accessible network.
  • Garantía: Garantía estándar de 1 año Double Diamond™
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  Ultra Secure Multimode A/B Switch  
Ultra Secure Multimode A/B Switch