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How to order customised manual switches.

How to order customised manual switches

  • Step 1: Pick the switches for your application.
    • Be sure to select switches with connectors that match your cables and equipment, the correct pinning, and the number of switch positions you need.
    • Remember that an ABC switch has just two positions, not three.) You can mix several types of switches in the same chassis.

  • Step 2: Choose standard of mini chassis.
    • Our Standard Rackmount Chassis fits a standard rack (4 RU). It holds up to eight switch modules, depending on switch size.
    • Our Mini Rackmount Chassis takes only 8.9 cm (2 RU) of vertical space. It generally holds either three ABC or two ABCDE switches.

  • Step 3: Specify connector punchouts.
    • If there's space left over in your Rackmount Switch Chassis, remember to plan for future expansion by specifying punchouts - extra holes for additional switches. If you want to add switches to the Rackmount Chassis at any time in the future, you'll need to specify the punchouts when you order.
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