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Fibre cable and pulling eyes

Fibre cable and pulling eyes

A damaged Fibre Optic Cable during Pulling

Fibre optic cable can be damaged if pulled improperly. Broken or cracked fibre, for example, can result from pulling on the fibre core or jacket instead of the strength member. And too much tension or stress on the jacket, as well as too tight of a bend radius, can damage the fibre core. If this core of the cable is harmed, the damage can be difficult to detect.

A damaged Fibre Optic Cable during Termination

Once the cable is pulled successfully, damage can still occur during the termination phase. Field termination can be difficult and is often done incorrectly, resulting in poor transmission. One way to eliminate field termination is to pull preterminated cable. But this can damage the cable as well because the connectors can be knocked off during the pulling process. The terminated cable may also be too bulky to fit through ducts easily. To help solve all these problems, use preterminated fibre optic cable with a pulling eye. This works best for runs up to 2000 feet (609.6 m).

Use a Pulling Eye

The pulling eye contains a connector and a flexible, multiweave mesh-fabric gripping tube. The latched connector is attached internally to the Kevlar, which absorbs most of the pulling tension. Additionally, the pulling eye’s mesh grips the jacket over a wide surface area distributing any remaining pulling tension, rendering it harmless. The end of the gripping tube features one of three different types of pulling eyes: swivel, flexible, or breakaway.

Swivel, Flexible or Breakaway Eyes

Swivel eyes enable the cable to go around bends without getting tangled. They also prevent twists in the pull from being transferred to the cable. A flexible eye follows the line of the pull around corners and bends, but it’s less rigid. A breakaway eye offers a swivel function but breaks if the tension is too great. We recommend using the swivel-type pulling eye.

Better Performance with a pulling eye

A pulling eye enables all the fibres to be preterminated to ensure better performance. The terminated fibres are staggered inside the gripping tube to minimise the diameter of the cable. This enables the cable to be pulled through the conduit more easily.

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