Advantages of Black Box KVM solutions in energy sectors

Plant server management

ServSwitch KVM technology provides the flexible and scaleable platform to present users with all the tools they require to keep the energy systems up and running 24/7. With features such as instantaneous switching between control systems, secure user authentication, and the ability to network different types of technology together, Black Box are able to help you design the ultimate control centre for your energy management system requirements.


ServSwitch KVM technology provides the high reliability Middleware between centralised control rooms and the energy production plants, producing benefits such as:

  • Silent control centres and monitoring plants with pixel perfect video and full function sets.
  • Secure back-racking
  • Secure access control to monitoring and control systems
  • Instantaneous access to systems, and the ability to switch multiple systems together
  • Reducing heat within the control centres of O & M departments.
  • Providing 24 / 7 access to all servers and control systems internally and optionally, secure external access via the Internet.